“Wonder” by R.J. Palacio

The main point of “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio is friendship. The main character’s name is August. His face is deformed and others avoid him because of the way he looks. However, August overcomes his fear of being alone and ends up with several true friends.

When his parents decided that he should go to school even though August’s face was deformed, he refused and wanted to continue with homeschooling (even though he had already been homeschooled for almost a decade, which is almost his whole life because he’s 11). But his parents made him attend public school anyway.

After a week, he got used to attending school. Plus, Halloween was the following day and it was his favorite holiday because he can cover his face and no one can see him. August told his friend that he was going to dress up as Jango Fett. But on the morning of Halloween, things fell apart. His dad was late for work and his teenage sister didn’t get enough sleep because she was working all night and she was so stressed. August gave up trying to dress up as Jango Fett because it took too long to put on the costume. When he was at school, August overheard his friend talking about him to his other friends, saying mean stuff about him. This type of gossiping made him not want to return to school.

The next day, it was a fresh start and he was going on a field trip and it ended up being good. It was dark by now and he went to the restroom with his best friend, Jack. The line was too long so they went to the woods to go #1. Then, suddenly, a few kids appeared. They put the flashlight on August and laughed at him, saying, “Are you an ork?” Then Jack whispered, “Let’s get out of here.” A crowd of bullies surrounded them. Henry, Miles and Amos helped August and Jack get away. Now, August had 3 new friends.

People who judge you based on how you look are not the kinds of people you want as friends. A friendship is based on what matters–two people connecting at a heart level. Only a miracle can heal a deformed face. But perhaps a greater miracle is healing a deformed heart. August demonstrates that a kind hearted person will attract good people as friends.

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