Debate – Should schools be required to teach cursive writing?

I think that cursive writing is not necessary and does not benefit our generation. The reasons I think this is because we have computers now, we could learn other useful subjects in place of the time we use to learn cursive, and plus, some schools don’t teach cursive anymore.

One side thinks that cursive is a necessary thing to do. The reasons are to write faster, to practice motor skills, and you can use cursive to read and sign documents.

The other side thinks that cursive isn’t necessary because we have computers now. This is why some think that cursive isn’t necessary. We have computers now so there is no point to teach cursive. We could learn something else that is useful in life like math. No one uses it anymore. I don’t agree that cursive is useful.

Before, we used to write a lot because we didn’t have computers, but now we do. We don’t use cursive anymore. Typing is faster than writing. Cursive isn’t useful in life so why not do something else like multiplication, social studies, science, or at least comprehension skills?There is no point to teach cursive when we have computers. There aren’t a lot of important reasons why cursive is necessary. We don’t need cursive. If no one knew how to write in cursive, we could survive.

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