Essay on The Wizard of Oz

The Lion wanted courage, the Tin Man wanted a heart, and the Scarecrow wanted a brain. So they went to the great wizard, Oz. When they got to their destination, the wizard tricked them, but they thought his powers were real. The Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Man didn’t know that they already had what they wanted. The main point is that you need confidence in yourself and then you can overcome personal limitations.

The Scarecrow was smart even without Oz. For example, the Scarecrow said, “Chop the  tree in half and use it as a bridge to get across the cliff.” They were trying to get to the other side of the cliff and there were trees so the Scarecrow said to the Tin Man to chop the tree and use it for a bridge to walk on.

The Tin Man was kind even without Oz. For example, the Tin Man saw wolves coming so he protected Dorothy and killed the wolves.

The Lion was fearless even without Oz. For example, the Lion killed a live mammoth Spider. The wild animals said that they can’t defeat this spider so the Lion killed it. Having courage means that you can be afraid, but you face it.

You just need confidence in yourself and know that you can do it. The Scarecrow

thought he was dumb, the Tin Man thought he had no heart, and the Lion thought he had no courage, but in the end they just needed confidence.

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