White House White-out by Ron Roy (Book Report)

This story is about three kids named Dink, Ruth Rose, and Josh. The setting of this story is in a forest with snow. This story is a mystery about 5 kids trying to figure out where their dog went missing.

This book is about Dink, Ruth Rose, and Josh seeing the President’s daughter and her friend. They met each other and the girl’s name was KC and the boy’s name was Marshall. But when KC and Marshall invited them to see the White House and KC’s dog was lost! The five kids split up in the White House, but the dog was nowhere to be found. Ruth Rose gave a suggestion and said, “Let’s look outside.” Natasha doesn’t like snow. They heard barking in the parking lot. They couldn’t see Natasha when they opened the back, Natasha was there!  KC hugged her, then someone shut the door behind them.

The engine started. After a while, the car stopped.They went on their backs and put their feet on the back door. 3,2,1…Then they kicked at the same time. SLAM!! The door swung open. They all looked at the driver. He had a bump on his head. Dink, Josh, Ruth Rose, KC, and Marshall  put her in the trunk to keep her warm. But they were in the middle of a snowy forest. Everyone looked outside, but when they came back the guy who was in the trunk and Natasha were gone! Dink said, “We should take a nap and get full energy. “When they woke up, they played, but Dink saw two men talking so he ducked. He heard them talking about a dog, but actually he was talking about Natasha! After he heard one of the guys say, ”I lost the dog, but I’ll get the President’s daughter.” They didn’t know that the kids were next to them because there were trees that blocked their view. When they went away, Dink told them about the conversation between the 2 suspicious guys.

Later they had a plan. They started making footprints in different directions. When the men came back, the kids hid. After they searched, they left. Then two men were behind them! They were actually just two guys who rode a snowmobile. Then Natasha came! It turned out that Natasha led them here! They let them go in their home. The kids told them about everything that happened. They called the President. They hugged each other. Then police came and arrested the two men.

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