The New Year Dilemma

The title of the book is called “The New Year Dilemma.” The author is Ron Roy. The main characters are Dink, Ruth Rose, and Josh. The setting of this story is in Hong Kong where crooks are planning to steal a precious ruby.

This story is about Dink, Ruth Rose, and Josh going to Hong Kong. Dink’s father got a man to lead them around the city. There was a parade and there was supposed to be a Miss Chinatown who wears a crown with a ruby on it. But these two crooks kidnapped her and knocked her out. Then they got the ruby. The three kids wanted to help and it turned out well because they found lots of clues that led them to to the crooks. The kids told the police so that they could arrest the crooks.

This story is about young detectives who are growing in their investigative skills. They realized that things that appear to be normal are not always as they seem. Good detectives find suspects and investigate the details related to the suspect.

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